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Welcome to The Poz Bodz Blog.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Fitness is just a fancy word for being active and active is just a fancy word for movin it.

So lets start movin it to create a life you love living with good food, fun fitness and happy vibes.

Hi I am Zoe Hannam and welcome to my first ever Poz Bodz blog post.

I wanted to create a space to share helpful tips and tricks on getting fit and healthy for the every day person, a person just like me.

There is so much info out there about what healthy is and to be honest a lot of it contradicts each other.

I hear all the time that a lot of people just dont know where to start being healthy because its so darn confusing


Are bananas good for me? One website says they will cure cancer and the next say that they curse cancer. (not a true fact but can you see what I am trying to say?)

And btw there is no cookie cutter solution to weight lose or dieting or even body building.

We are all individuals and unique. So our healthy lifestyle journey needs to reflect that.

At Positive Body Fitness Studio I have a bunch of ways to help you find the right path to health, fitness and happiness by offering some great ways for you to discover what works for YOU.

1. Fitness classes and personal training session designed with beginners in mind.

2. Lifestyle coaching so I can support and guide you to discover what works for you (and what doesnt).

3. The Protein bar - healthy grab and go meals and snacks.

4. A safe space where you can workout without feeling self conscious or judged.

5. A friendly and awesome community of everyday people just trying to get fitter and healtier.

Healthy doesn't need to be hard. especially at Positive body.

Check out the positive body fitness studio on FB for the latest timetable or check out positivebody.com.au

Welcome and thanks for visiting.

Zoe xx

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