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Healthy does not have to be hard!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

You know how the diet and fitness industry make out that they have to newest, fastest, easiest solution to your unwanted problems but really when you look deeper its not as easy and fast as they made it out to be?

Doing the hard yards

Millions of us who are seeking change start to get disillusioned with these broken promises and put all our wants and dreams for a healthier lifestyle in the to hard basket.

Well I am not the diet and fitness industry just an everyday person who just wants to be fitter and healthier in my day to day life.

So I can truly say that healthy doesn't need to be hard. And I can prove it!

First of all we have to get rid of our expercation and its a hard one!!

There is no magic pill or super fast way to lose weight or get fit! There I said it! So if that's what your looking for at Positive body your have taken a wrong turn! Sorry not sorry.

Being realistic about the changes you need to make is the first step.

Being honest to yourself and telling yourself that there are going to be some sacrifices that need to be made is what its going to take.

I promise its going to get easier! I know that sounds hard seeing my title is Healthy doesnt need to be hard and I promise it will get better.

So you have sat yourself down and let yourself know that even though your really really wanted a magic pill it doesn't exists and things need to be done the old fashioned way of working hard and smart.

Secondly you need to find what works for you. Celebrity diets and fitness regimes look all shinny and they know what their talking about but what you get is a cookie cutter program and most people just are not the same shape cookie.

So what works for you? What are your likes and dislikes? What challenges do you need to work on? Whats your home, work, family situation? Do you have support? There are so many questions and situations that make your life and lifestyle unique to you.

Celebrates don't necessarily understand you. And you are so capable of doing a little bit of digging to find the right path to health for you.

Thirdly you have to do the work. People can support you but its up to you to make your goals and dreams come true.

You can fall in love with creating a wonderful healthy life for yourself and those around you.

That's when it gets easier.

So really to take off on a new adventure to discover a healthier you? I am excited for you.

I offer some great support for anyone wanting to create a healthier, fitter, happier life.

1. Fitness class and personal training.

2. Lifestyle coaching. (support and discovery)

3. healthy fast food.

4. Community.

Check out more over at Positive body fitness studio on fb or www.positivebody.com.au

You aint no cookie!!

Zoe xx

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