Hi there! I am Zoe Hannam, owner and personal trainer - lifestyle coach at Positive body fitness studio.
positive body fitness studio

Zoe Hannam

Firstly I am a proud wife and mum of 3 adult kids, 2 still at home kids and grandma (gamgam) to 3 grandkiddies. 

I am the fitness instructor, personal trainer and lifestyle coach at Positive body.

I believe every body deserves to be fit and healthy.  

That is why I opened Positive body so everyday people like myself could have a fun, non judgemental, safe space to increase their health and fitness.

And by everyday people I mean mums, dad, grandparents, working people whose goals are just to be more active in their daily lives.

I offer fitness classes for all levels of fitness but especially my fave beginners.

The Studio

is designed just for you.

I hear all the time that my clients are looking for something different for the average, mainstream gym or personal trainer. They want a place they feel confident and comfortable just being themselves while working out and getting fitter.

A place that has a non judgemental, welcoming and has a safe vibe.


positive body fitness studio

At Positive body we are a community of everyday people who love getting healthier, happier and fitter week in week out together.

We encourage and support each other.

Friendships are made all the time.

We laugh and sometimes even cry together. 

Positive body is much more than somewhere to workout, its a community of like minded people working hard to better themselves.


At Positive body our classes and PT sessions are designed with beginners in mind.  You workout at your own pace because you know your body and its limits, fitness level and what makes you feel comfortable.  Don't get me wrong you will sweat, grunt and you might even be a bit sore the next day.

Check out the latest TIMETABLE for all class sessions and times.

Book a free DISCOVERY SESSION if your interested in personal training and/or lifestyle coaching.

Fitness can be fun


Get inspired by real everyday people choosing to be happy and healthy

Thank you Zoe for the services you provide.

I feel fitter and stronger than before junior.

I love the casual feel of the studio and the opportunity to gain strength and fitness.

Your amazing.

- Narissa 

Zoe is awesome.

Pushes you but doesn't overwhelm you!  I've had a few lessons now and I love them!

Its my thing to look forward to every week.

- Jamii 

A very welcoming atmosphere where

I feel comfortable.

I always leave

with a level of achievement after

a great work out .
Thank you x

- Maria

Zoe makes you feel

good about yourself

and pushes you

when you need

to be pushed.

I always feel I

great when i am


- Theresa

Zoe is amazing, she's inspirational and understanding with her workouts, but just commando tough enough to make you push boundaries (without killing you)

Love it! Thanks Zoe xx

- Kylie